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Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Monero (XMR)

The Ethereum cryptocurrency is one of the undisputed leaders in popularity in the cryptocurrency market. It is expensive, promising, and provides many opportunities to its owners. If you are just starting to work with cryptocurrencies and are choosing which digital assets to get involved with, then you will find answers to many questions about Ethereum by going to the website Many opportunities open up for Ether owners in the virtual world, but every person also has needs in reality. In such situations, there is a need to withdraw Ethereum and subsequently cash out. Monero cryptocurrency are best suited for this.

Is it possible to directly withdraw digital money?

In many ways, the specifics of the withdrawal depend on the exact wallet in which the Ethereum cryptocurrency is stored.

If the storage is located on an exchange, then in some cases it is possible to link it to cards of the international payment system. But you need to understand that this does not work with all currencies and cards are not accepted from all banks. Most often there are options for euros and American dollars. For example, the Binance exchange allows you to link Visa cards in euros from major banks in France, Denmark, Sweden and some countries that are members of the European Union.

If Ether cryptocurrency are stored in another wallet (electronic on coin.space and blockchain.com, or other storages (paper, hardware, etc.)), then regardless of the currency of the card and the issuing bank, the garter is generally impossible.

Alternative solution to the issue

As we found out, if you need to exchange Ethers with crypto, then there is no direct option, intermediaries are needed. Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Monero (XMR) can be done through specialized exchange services presented on the website.

Online exchangers are engaged in the conversion of any cryptocurrencies; through such platforms you can exchange some electronic money for others in terms of the established rate, or withdraw them into fiat. Ethereum is one of the most highly quoted cryptocurrencies, so you can find many offers for its exchange.

It is also interesting that each exchanger has its own conditions at bestchange.com, so you can choose the one that currently offers the most searching for exchange rates without additional conversion fees and restrictions. All these nuances should be analyzed before choosing a suitable exchanger.

About security measures

When involving intermediaries, you should ensure their reliability. There are also scammers on the World Wide Web, so be sure to carefully choose an exchanger. Check the reputation, look at the reviews, find out how long it has been around.

Provide only information that is necessary to complete the transaction. For example, to transfer money to your Visa/MasterCard, the exchanger only needs to know the 16-digit card number, but the code on the back is not needed, therefore, do not provide it (as well as passwords or code words). It’s also not worth sending photos of “plastic” on both sides to anyone.

Following these simple steps will allow you to exchange Ether cryptocurrency to XMR quickly and safely. More info read here: bestchange.com/wiki/article-ethereum.html.

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