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How Do Hotel Chains Make Their Towels and Linens Unique to Their Brand?

The hospitality industry is competitive and requires constant innovation and creativity to enhance the guest experience. Hotel chains aim to provide a unique experience for their guests, even in the smaller details like towels and linens.

Buying wholesale towels allows hotels to customize their linens to match their brand image. Here is more about how hotel chains make their towels and linens unique to their brand:

Custom Designs 

Hotel chains often invest in custom designs for their towels and linens. This includes embroidery with the hotel’s logo, custom patterns, and colors that reflect the brand’s image.

Hotels may commission designers to create exclusive designs for their linens. These designs range from simple patterns to intricate symbols representing the hotel’s values or location.

Customized messaging, such as a welcoming message or the hotel’s tagline, can also be incorporated into the towels and linens.

Quality Standards

The quality of towels and linens is a distinguishing factor for hotel chains. Luxury hotel chains often invest in high-quality products with a high GSM (grams per square meter), providing maximum absorbency and softness.

These characteristics are achieved with premium materials like cotton, which has longer and finer fibers, leading to a softer and more durable fabric. Hotel chains may also have specific standards for thread count, weaving techniques, and finishing touches.

This helps maintain a consistent quality across all properties and reinforces the brand’s image.

Material Choice

Hotels can choose from various materials to create branded towels and linens. Each material comes with unique properties like softness, absorbency, and durability. Wholesale towels and linens allow hotels to explore material options that align best with their brand image.

A beach resort chain may choose quick-drying microfiber towels for guests by the pool or ocean. Luxury hotel chains may choose thick, soft cotton towels.

Color Palette

The color scheme of towels and linens creates a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic for hotel chains. Hotels may choose a traditional all-white color scheme, often associated with luxury and cleanliness.

White towels and linens allow for easy maintenance, as any stains or discoloration can be quickly identified and treated. Hotels may add color to their linens and towels by incorporating brand colors and complementary tones.

Whether the materials are fully dyed or have an accent stripe, color adds a touch of the brand’s identity and uniqueness.

Supplier Choice

Where the towels and linens come from can be part of a hotel’s branding. Buying wholesale towels and linens from a reputable supplier helps hotel chains achieve consistent quality.

Working with a reliable supplier also enhances the delivery time, allowing hotels in various locations to maintain their desired inventory levels and serve guests efficiently. Collaborating with ethical and sustainable suppliers can align with a hotel’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Invest in Premium Wholesale Towels

Hotels can make their towels and linens unique to their brand through design, presentation, and supplier choice. Buying wholesale towels allows hotel chains to create a unique brand image.

By incorporating brand colors and finding high-quality materials, hotels can add a personal touch to their linens and towels, enhancing the guest experience. Contact a wholesale supplier today to learn more about customizing your hotel chain’s towels and linens.

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