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8 Types of Promotional Videos

High-quality video production can help you leverage your brand in ways written words and photos cannot. Videos advertise your company more dynamically throughout all stages of your marketing cycle and boost brand recognition. Here are eight types of promotional videos to include in your marketing plan:

1. How-To Videos

How-to videos provide viewers with solutions to problems and a message they may spread to others. They follow a particular format with easy-to-follow steps that resemble a tutorial. Customers can use these tutorials to achieve objectives throughout the sales funnel.

2. Educational Videos

Similar to blogs, educational videos aim to inform the audience in a fun and engaging way. Choose a subject that supports the company’s brand and speaks to its target audience. Such videos help establish a company’s credibility as a critical voice in its sector and foster consumer trust in the brand.

3. Video Ads

Video ads serve as sales pitches to the audience by promoting a company and its products or services. They should deliver the information quickly and effectively to make it memorable. Commercials have measurable objectives, like directing viewers to the business website or increasing brand awareness. Use professional video production for ads to achieve your goals.

4. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos show satisfied customers praising a business. They describe why they chose the product or service and what they appreciate about the company. The goal of these videos is for viewers to feel the customer’s emotions. Customers should use their own words, not scripts, to create an authentic experience. 

Testimonial videos can support a case study that details the customer journey from problem to resolution and business impact. They can also present various viewpoints across generations, social classes, and industries. These videos can convince potential customers to settle for your business.

5. Explainer Videos

An explainer video might be what you need if your company provides a service or good that needs to be clarified. Explainers may combine animation with a voiceover that describes your company’s services to the viewer. They should leave viewers wanting more with a clear call to action to contact the company or purchase the product.

6. Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos focus on the people behind the business rather than the firm itself. Videos about corporate culture and company stories help put the company’s motivations front and center. They aim to promote the brand and emphasize why customers should be pleased working with the business.

7. Live Videos

Make live-streaming videos on social media to interact with clients in real-time. Consider a live stream during interviews, speeches, events, or office tours. Observe the chat element to interact with viewers and respond to their queries during the stream.

8. Event Videos

Videos are an excellent way to advertise or publish highlights from an event. Companies can promote specific parts of the event or compile the whole event. These clips can help advertise future events and reviews. 

Quality Video Production

Find a reputable video production company to help you create eye-catching visual narratives that attract viewers and leave lasting impressions. Examine work samples to establish quality and consider event videos, company, social media ads, etc. Skilled producers will make your ideas come to life through storytelling.

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